Former MSU Spartan QB Kirk Cousins did a touchdown dance on Sunday.

It wasn't pretty.

But it may not be Kirk's fault. Apparently the Minnesota Vikings have taken to celebrating in the end zone with something they call the "Dead-Arm Dance". According to DeadSpin, Vikings wide receiver, Adam Thielen, says the Dead-Arm Dance is his signature move. One he came up with while going to college at Minnesota State. On Sunday, Adam scored a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals and immediately celebrated in the end-zone with the "D.A.D", while inviting his teammates (including Cousins) to join in. A few minutes later,Cousins scored by running the ball in himself and promptly went into the "D.A.D.". With an added move at the end. Says Kirk, "I like to embrace my limitations as a dancer, I guess." Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Here's the story. (With, good Lord - video)

Our friends at Slate have a full article focused on the moves of Kirk Cousins, titled, "Can Kirk Cousins Dance?" Surely someone has stories from their days in one of the Michigan State dorms, while living down the hall from Kirk. We eagerly await them.


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