No matter what city, state, or country you find yourself in, you will surely eat some good food along the way.

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Sure, you'll come across some good restaurants along the way. But, what if you could have more than just "good"? What if you could have, "legendary"?

Legendary restaurants are the exact thing that TasteAtlas recently took a look at. And they didn't just compare restaurants across the United States, they compared restaurants across the globe.

150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World

TasteAtlas recently compiled their list of the "150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World"—only 150 different places in the whole world.

Here's a little insight as to how they created their list;

These are not just places to grab a meal, but destinations in their own right, comparable to the world’s most famous museums, galleries and monuments. Each one has withstood the test of time, eschewing trendy gimmicks in favor of traditional, high-quality cuisine.

So to make it on their list of only 150 restaurants is quite the feet.

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Taking a look at the whole list of 150, only 14 restaurants in the United States made the cut. And of those 14, 9 of those restaurants made it into the top 50. One of which is right here in Michigan.

Which Michigan Restaurant Was Named One of the Most Legendary Restaurants in the World?

The one iconic Michigan restaurant that was up to snuff is Zender's of Frankenmuth!


And just like the sign above says, Zehnder's serves up some world-famous chicken, and that's the dish that TasteAtlas says is the most iconic.

Not only does Zehnder's have delicious chicken, but it's one of those little towns that's a must-visit in Michigan, especially around the holidays. Little Bavaria is so magical dusted in snow, and of course the world's largest Christmas store (Bronner's Christmas Wonderland) helps with the holiday spirit too!

Zehnder's of Frankenmuth is definitely worth checking out. But if you want to see which other restaurants made the list of the top 150 in the world, check it out HERE.

The Top Ten Restaurants In Lansing For Locally Made Fast Food

Looking for a yummy quick eat that's considered fast food, but may not be a big chain? Check out these local Lansing area restaurants.

The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Michigan

What are the most popular fast-food restaurants here in Michigan? If you're automatically assuming that the chain with the Golden Arches has the most locations, you're in for a shock.

As you take a look at the pics below, see if you can figure out which location we've featured. All pictures are from the greater Flint area, and we've left in just enough background for you to be able to make an educated guess.

The answers are below.

By the way, the ranking is based on the restaurants with the most locations in The Mitten, based on data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech. Their numbers are based on data compiled in 2021, so some numbers may have fluctuated since then.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre

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