Earlier this week, WalletHub posted a list of the most gambling-addicted states and the least gambling-addicted states and it appears that people in Michigan really don't like to gamble that much. (Tell that to our work lottery group...) As a matter of fact, Michigan was way down on the list in the least-gambling addicted states at #44.

It's probably is pretty easy to pick which state was listed as #1 as the most gambling-addicted state...two words...LAS VEGAS...so yep, that would be Nevada. Other states that apparently have a lot of people that like to gamble include New Jersey, Louisiana, Illinois and South Dakota.

Joining Michigan on the least-gambling addicted states are Florida, Alaska, Wisconsin and Maine. And the state that was dead last on the list? Well, that was the great state of Utah. Click here to see the complete list of 2019's Most Gambling-Addicted States and Least-Gambling Addicted States.

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