Michiganders love their beer. And we happen to also make some great beer. So, it should come as no surprise that Michigan has been ranked as the third best "state to be a beer lover". According to MLive.com, Groupon named California the best state for beer lovers, followed by Colorado and then...Michigan.

However, Michigan did rank tops in one very important sub-category - affordability - "cheap" beer. Luckily, we're surrounded by cold water, so.... In fact, the Great Lakes states did well as a group, with five placing in the top eleven overall.

Massachusetts ranked at the top for quality of beer. Michigan was ranked #15 in quality (that's just crazy) and at #11 for our "enthusiasm" score (how much we're excited by our beer) Seriously? Have you ever been to a Michigan brewery on a Saturday night?

You're drunk, Groupon.

Yeah - at the bottom of the list. Apparently the worst state to be a beer lover is North Dakota.

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