Can we just have one week of normalcy and peace before we say goodbye to 2020? ONE?? I guess the answer is no.

In a disturbing report, WXYZ News Channel 7 says that police are warning of a possible cop imposter on the roads of Michigan. Now, this report focuses on the area surrounding Detroit specifically but....if someone is trying it there...we might as well be prepared in case anyone tries something this stupid here too.

This cop impersonator is described as,

a white man wearing a black uniform, and driving a black charger with red and blue lights.

Michigan State Police are reminding everyone that they do not use unmarked cars. At least, not to conduct traffic stops. Every real MSP vehicle will be easy to spot. They're blue with a giant light on top of the vehicle or just blue without the light. Never unmarked. See below their post below:

Side note: (don't be mad) When I first saw a Michigan State vehicle it made me chuckle a little because I've never seen, in person, an official vehicle with such a cartoonish looking light perfectly placed on top. It reminded me of something out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But, I digress.

So, what does this mean for us in southwest Michigan? Not much. Again, they have a description of the man who attempted this but that's it. So, just be on the lookout just in case someone tries this nonsense with you.

The Michigan State Police passed on some tips if you suspect that the vehicle trying to pull you over may not actually be a cop.

  • Slow down and turn on your flashers
  • Drive to a public area
  • Call 911 and express your concerns. They'll be able to identify the officer if they're, in fact, real.

Stay safe out there.

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