Last August, at M.I.S., NASCAR had a high drag aerodynamic package in place for all the cars. And it was just that - a drag. The cars were stuck to the track so hard nobody could pass.

Things should be different on Sunday. According to ESPN reporter Bob Pockrass, (who asks some of the best questions in the media room) this year, NASCAR has reduced drag by over 900 pounds on the cars. And the downforce is WAY down from a few years ago. Which should make them faster going into the corners and force everybody to get off the gas while in the corners. According to Dale Jr., "Any time we can get more off-throttle time, there will be more opportunities to outdrive a guy into a corner, beat a guy into the corner or drive up to a guy's bumper to get him loose or move him out of the way or however you need to do it."

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Here's Bob's story.


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