Four very young children are alive today because of the heroic actions of their father in Warren, Michigan.

Ladarrel Brown had the scare of his life when he woke up to find his apartment on fire just after 4 A.M. Wednesday morning.  He quickly jumped into action as he felt smoke begin to fill his lungs.  Brown had 4 children ages 3, 4, 6, and 8 asleep in another room.  He ran to wake them up and then jump out of their first-floor window.  The problem is, the kids didn't follow him out according to his conversation with WMYD in Detroit,

That's the scariest part.  When you don't see your kids and they're not coming and all you can just do is yell and just hope they come and listen to your voice.

Everyone made it out of the early morning apartment fire alive thanks to the fast thinking of Ladarrel Brown.  However, his oldest daughter 8-year-old Laurii'ell is suffering from injuries.  Laurii'ell is currently in stable condition at the Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.

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Warren Fire Commissioner Skip McAdams indicated that the fire appears to have started inside a wall of Brown's apartment.  They are investigating the possibility that an electrical problem caused the apartment fire.  A total of 16 units were damaged by Wednesday morning's fire. has this advice to stay safe if you find yourself in an apartment fire:

  • Stay calm.
  • Call 9-1-1.
  • Stay low if you can't get out of the burning apartment.

Having a plan for your family ahead of time is really the best way to make sure your family remains safe if a tragedy like an apartment fire happens.

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