Be on the lookout for the American Dagger caterpillar (I will admit - pretty cool name). This poisonous caterpillar has already been sighted in Clare County on hiking trails located on the campus of Mid Michigan College, in Harrison. These caterpillars are not just confined to that area - they live everywhere east of the Rockies and feed on the leaves of elm, maple and oak trees - so, everything we have around here.

Autumn Colours Delayed by Mild Weather
They love oak and maple trees - so, look out....Getty Images

According to CBS News, the Clare Area Chamber of Commerce has a warning posted on its Facebook page reading: "DO NOT PICK THEM UP! Both children and adults can be affected by them. Symptoms include the following: stinging sensation followed by a burning, itching sensation on the skin which can develop into a rash."

According to experts, the caterpillars are yellow, green and white and about 2 inches long. Their hairs are connected to poisonous sacks which are used to inject toxins.

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