The state of Michigan has renamed several lakes after the use of a Native American term in said lake names has been deemed offensive.

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The term (name) in question is 'squaw'. More often than not the word is referred to as the 's-word' in Indigenous culture. Indian Culture Today had this to say about the word in 2017,

Though the origins of s-word may have several questionably confirmed sources historically, Indigenous women say that the term is offensive.

According to ABC 12, seven Mid-Michigan lakes that are being renamed are as follows,

  • Squaw Bay in Alpena County will be renamed Birdsong Bay.
  • Squaw Creek Drain in Lapeer County will be renamed East Fork Evergreen Creek.
  • Squaw Creek in Lapeer County will be renamed called Dollar Creek.
  • Squaw Lake in Lapeer County will be renamed Evergreen Lake.
  • Squaw Creek in Isabella County will be renamed Isabella Creek.
  • Squaw Creek in Saginaw and Tuscola counties will be renamed Quanicassee Creek.
  • Squaw Lake in Genesee County will be renamed Aanikegamaa Lake.

As far as the name changes and the reason for it - I am here for it. My only question is how do you pronounce Aanikegamaa? I live in Fenton Township where that particular waterway is located, and from here on out (or until I learn its exact pronunciation) I will be referring to it as A-lake.

All kidding aside, change is good. Change is progress. Maybe I will see you on A-lake before the end of summer.

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