In Grand Junction, MI (just east of South Haven), 11 year-old Brian Cripps woke up one morning a couple weeks ago and felt something biting his hand. When he looked at his hand, he found a bat. Still attached and still biting.

Did he freak out? No.

According to (and his mom Tracey), Brian, "had the presence of mind to grab the animal". How many 11 year-olds do you know who would grab and hang on to a biting bat?

The family then took the bat - now dead (Brian must have a pretty firm grip) and went off to the hospital in South Haven. Good thing they did, because they tested the bat and found out it had rabies. Decades ago, that bite would've been fatal, but now, it just means a series of four shots for Brian and his brother Jaxson, who was sleeping in the same room.

Bitten by a rabid bat. Brian just laughs at your "creepy clown" hysteria.


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