The headline is:

According to CNBC, Texas is the best state overall for business, in 2018.

Michigan is number 11 overall, BUT look at the categories where we did well. Michigan ranked number 3 in "Technology and Innovation". We lost out to only California at #1 and Massachusetts at #2. Good grief - I'd say that's pretty good. We also ranked high (#4) in "cost of living".

We got ranked low (#28) in education (I'm not buying THAT) and Michigan was ranked #33 in "quality of life", which is defined by CNBC as, "crime rate, the quality of health care, the level of health-insurance coverage and the overall health of the population. We measure inclusiveness by looking at statewide anti-discrimination protections, as well as the ability of local jurisdictions to set their own standards. We evaluate local attractions, parks and recreation, as well as environmental quality".

Are you kidding me? My guess is - they're not outdoor people. But Vermont was ranked #1 in that area, so I call their results questionable. Anybody who's ever been outside the Detroit airport would put us in the top three. At least.

Taking that into account, I've recalculated their math - and we're now #5

Fixed it. You're welcome. Here's the story.


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