If you're like me, you love this time of year. Autumn (I think) is the star of all the seasons in Michigan. And with deer season underway, I'll probably be out "in the woods" a lot in the next couple of months. But, is walking through the woods or sitting quietly in a deer stand really connecting with nature?

Not according to Charles Foster. Charles is British, loves the outdoors and thinks we should all be really getting to know nature, like an animal knows nature. According to Slate.com, Mr. Foster has lived like an otter, a deer, a badger and other animals to heighten his senses. He's so committed to this, he shared one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes with a man who lived in the Alps with goats for three days. Charles says that by experiencing the world as an animal does, you'll get in touch with all your senses.

So, this fall, get down in the dirt and roll around in Michigan for a while. You'll thank me.

Enjoy. If you need me, I'll be going through the trash cans in my neighborhood with the other critters.

Here's the story.


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