I know what you're thinking, "We've had a tough year, so far. The pandemic. The stay at home rules. Good thing it'll be summer in Michigan, soon. Thank goodness for warm weather, because I hear it kills the coronavirus." Yeah. You know what loves warm weather? Ticks. Ticks with Lyme disease. And this summer is going to be a good one for ticks in Michigan.

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According to WZZM-TV, and Pests.org, a wetter early spring and a forecast lingering, late summer, means the Midwest will have more ticks and higher tick activity. And that means more deer ticks - and they carry Lyme disease. They also go on to say that, apart from New England, the Great Lakes region of the U.S. sees more cases of Lyme disease than any other.

So, wash your hands and wear your mask for coronavirus and if you do go outside because you're getting tired of the quarantine - check yourself for ticks - because - Lyme disease. Other than that, enjoy your summer.

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