Have your ever gone to purchase a lottery ticket and the cashier tells you that they have one they printed earlier by mistake? And have you ever purchased that extra ticket just because? I can say 'yes' to both of these questions, however, the outcome for me never matched the outcome for this lucky lottery player.

According to the Michigan Lottery, 69 year-old Richard Hopper Sr. from Niles, Michigan went in to buy a lottery ticket and according to Hopper, "When I stopped to buy my Mega Millions ticket, the clerk said he had accidentally printed an easy pick for another player who didn’t want the ticket, and asked if I wanted to buy it or if I wanted another ticket,” said Hopper. “I decided to buy the ticket that had already been printed off and boy, am I glad I did.”

It turns out that the 'mistake' ticket was worth $1 million! (Guess I know what you'll be doing the next time you hear the cashier has a ticket that was printed by mistake...) :)