Aiden Adkins is from Carson City. He's into taxidermy and loves to shoot. According to WOOD-TV, on April 20th, he was trying to make something nice for his girlfriend. He was doing some wood-working, something went flying off in front of Aiden. Why don't I let Aiden give you the play-by-play: “I realized that what I had seen fly was not anything to do with the piece of wood. It actually was my thumb I had seen fly.”

His thumb really went flying when he sawed it off. He was told doctors could reattach his thumb if they did the surgery within four hours. His family looked for his thumb, but they couldn't find it. In fact, they NEVER found it. (My guess? Some critter owns it now)

What to do? Aiden went for months without a thumb on his left hand. And then, in August, doctors at the University of Michigan took off his left big toe and used it to make a thumb for Aiden. It took him some months but with the help of  Kelly Nye, an occupational therapist at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation in Grand Rapids (full disclosure, my wife, Michelle, is an OT at Sparrow Hospital, so I'm biased), he's now able to give everybody a thumbs up. With his thumb - formerly his toe. Cool, huh?

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