They play-fight, they chew on anything they can put in their mouth and sometimes they get so excited they just pee where they're standing. But they;re so much fun.

Guys at bachelor parties. Amiright?

According to, Mitchel Craddock, from Vicksburg, MI got married on October 8th (congrats Mitchel and Kristen), but before the wedding, he took his buddies down to Tennessee for a five-day four-wheeling trip. One day a stray dog showed up at their cabin. And "Annie" kept showing up and they kept feeding her for three days. Finally, she led them to her SEVEN puppies. They pulled them all out of the hole they were living in and wondered, "now, what?"

Bottom line: everybody attending, who wanted one, got a puppy.

Here's the story, with puppy video, that will make the internet seem a little friendlier today.


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