David Lorch knows his Lego. He designs Lego models, he's coached Lego robotics teams and sometimes he uses Legos in his job as an engineer. And a couple of years ago he even built a 25,000 piece Lego Grand Hotel for the hotel's 130th Anniversary Celebration. But that's only part of the story. He's built another Lego Grand Hotel. This one's different. And now he's requesting your help.

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According to UpperMichiganSource, David, who's from Ann Arbor, is trying to win the Lego Ideas Competition. David has built a 700 piece Lego Grand Hotel and submitted it for the competition. If he wins, Lego will offer a Grand Hotel Lego retail set that everyone can own and build.

To win, David needs you to go to his page on the Lego Ideas website and vote for his Grand Hotel idea. He has 5400 votes so far, but needs about 10,000 total votes by the middle of November.

Let's help the guy out. Besides, if you're a Legos fan, how cool would it be to be able to build your own Grand Hotel?

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