This time of year, I frequently walk across the pavement of TownsquareMedia/Lansing's parking lot while carefully dodging the goose poop. It's just one of the hazards of working at a building with a pond next to it and enough cover for Canada geese to live and raise baby geese. I don't hear them make a lot of noise, but in some places in Michigan - that's a problem. Just ask the Michigan DNR.

According to, the DNR recently worked with the Kent County Sheriff's Department to investigate a man who shot a goose, because it was too loud. In a residential area. With a pellet gun. (So, he tried to be quiet about it) You know this guy was probably complaining to all the neighbors about the goose that was keeping him up at night. And then....

"Hmmm, I wonder what happened to that loud goose".

"Oh, you mean this one - with the pellet wound to the chest?"

Best part of the story? The fact that the suspected shooter said, "he was surprised he even hit it because he’s shot at the geese in the past and always missed".

And thanks to this story (and my wife's frequent raised eyebrows), the squirrels who take all the bird food at my house just got an unconditional reprieve.

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