This has "bucket list" written all over it.

Up near Newberry, in the Upper Peninsula, Ed and Tasha Stielstra, owners of Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Racing and Adventures will teach you how to drive a dog sled. According to,  they'll let you drive the dogs 20 miles into the wilderness, where you'll camp out overnight. And then, as night falls, the northern lights and a roaring campfire will light up the sky as your sled dogs keep you warm by gathering around you and licking your face. (at least, that's how I see things unfolding).

But the part about driving the dogs 20 miles and camping out with them in the woods overnight is totally true.

To prove that they know what they're talking about, Ed, and his Nature's Kennel dog sled team are right in the midst of the Iditarod Race right now. Last I checked, he was in 53rd place (out of 85)

Here's the full story about their place in the U.P.

Here's the Nature's Kennel website.


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