Yesterday, it was the world's longest ice cream sundae from the town of Nashville, MI. Today, Michigan may be the proud home of the world's longest tongue.

According to the Daily Mail, Adrianne Lewis of Twin Lake, MI (just north of Muskegon) may have the world's longest tongue. The current record tongue is 3.9 inches. Adrianne's tongue is 4 inches long. She's been recognized already by the "Ripley's Believe It or Not" people and even though she's been rejected by the Guinness Book of World Records in the past, she's currently in talks to have her tongue measured officially by them.

In high school, I was very proud of being able to touch my nose with my tongue. I'm awed by the fact that Adrianne can touch her EYEBALL with her tongue. Nicely done, Adrianne. You would have been welcomed with open arms to our lunch table.

Read this article and watch the video in the article.

Good luck, Adrianne. You're Pure Michigan.


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