Exciting news, right? You just got the call from Nashville and they want you to come down and start writing songs and recording your first album and then go on a tour with Carrie Underwood? But you have an aquarium full of exotic fish and a pet caiman and you'll be living out of your car until that first big check comes in, so...

Should you just dump your pets into Lake Lansing? They'll be fine, right?

The Michigan DNR would prefer you didn't.

In fact, according to PetoskeyNews.com, a statewide campaign called RIPPLE (Reduce Invasive Pet and Plant Escapes), wants to suggest alternatives to dumping pets into Michigan waters, so we don't have piranhas nibbling on our toes (or worse). They suggest you can:

1. Give them away to a friend who has exotic fish as well

2. Donate them to an aquarium or zoo.

3. See if the pet store you bought from will take them back, or

4. Ask a vet about humanely "disposing" your pet. (We've had some epic goldfish funerals at the Jefferson home in the past. May I suggest a Viking theme?)

Good luck on your singing career. Say "hi" to Carrie for us.


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