The Michigan DNR has changed some of the rules when it comes to boats and fishing. In an effort to stop the spread of invasive plants and animals, the DNR now requests that you pull all the plugs on your boat and drain bilges, ballast tanks, and live wells. Plus, according to CBS Detroit, they want you to clean any plants or debris off the boat before you move your boat. This means everything has to be drained and cleaned before you leave wherever you were boating. So, I hope you have access to a hose and teenager(s).

And when I say the DNR "requests" this, I mean it's a $100 fine if they catch you NOT doing this.

As for fishing, the DNR wants you to throw away any baitfish you don't use, in the trash, on land - not in the water. Unless you caught the baitfish in the same body of water you're fishing. Not doing so and getting caught means a (all together, now) - $100 fine.

Here's the story. Back to work, citizen.

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