Two brothers are going to have an awkward Christmas after one brother called and reported the other to the Michigan DNR for "hunter harassment."

According to, on Opening Day of firearms season this year, the DNR got a call from one of the brothers who claimed he had evidence of hunter harassment on U.S. Forest Service land in Newaygo County, which adjoined his family's private hunting property. He offered up two SD cards, from trail cams, showing his brother spraying something on his deer blinds on the public land. When the DNR officer went to the "suspect brother's" deer blind, not only did he find the suspected brother hunting over illegal bait, but got him to confess to spraying "Liquid Fence" (a deer REPELLANT) on his brother's deer blinds. He said the brother was blocking deer from coming over to where he was hunting.

Not cool. The suspect brother later apologized and admitted that he "let his emotions get the best of him." He's in trouble for harassment and illegal baiting, but let's hope they've hugged it out since.

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