For my Michigan Wolverine friends, a year that started with strong football championship dreams is now in the hands of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights - just to get to the Big Ten title game. (I still hope for a Spartan victory in the Michigan/ Michigan State game, but the air's been kinda let out of the season after they lost to Illinois, so this is Sparty's bowl game on Saturday)

However, even if the Wolverines do beat the Spartans, they have a precarious road to the Big Ten Championship game. According to, the Wolverines getting there requires Rutgers (2-7 overall, 0-6 in the Big Ten) to beat either Ohio State or Penn State. Ohio State plays Rutgers, in Jersey, this Saturday. Rutgers plays at Penn State on November 30th (obviously because it's such a fierce rivalry) Rutgers has beaten Penn State twice - in 1918 and in 1988. Their next scheduled win would therefore be in 2058.

Rutgers has never won a game against Ohio State. In the last five years, Rutgers has scored 27 points against Ohio State. Ohio State has scored 271 points.

My advice to Rutgers - heed the call of Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh this week. Don't eat chicken. "It's a nervous bird".

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