Take a look around your kitchen. What's the oldest food you have? A bottle of ketchup in the fridge? A jar of pickles? Maybe a piece of wedding cake in the freezer? (not me, but I've seen that more than a few times) When it comes to old food, Michigan has got a real star.

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According to WILX-TV, Tecumseh is the home of a 141-year-old piece of fruitcake. Fidelia Ford baked the cake in 1878. Fidelia used to let her fruitcakes age for a year before serving it at the holidays (Hmm - wonder why fruitcake has that nasty reputation) Unfortunately, Fidelia died before the year was up, but the family kept the cake without eating it. For the last 141 years. It now lives in a glass dish, on top of a china cabinet, in Tecumseh. But, it gets out of the house every once in a while. It was on the "Tonight Show" in 2003 - when it was only 125.

The really crazy thing is - this isn't the oldest cake in the world. That honor belongs to a 4000-year-old cake, found in an Egyptian tomb and now on display in a museum in Switzerland.

So, eat that piece of wedding cake in the freezer. You're not gonna win this contest.

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