According to, a family from Michigan has been reunited with their cat that was lost at the airport...19 months ago! The story goes like this...The Sutherland family was moving from Hawaii to Michigan when Bogie, their pet Siamese cat, got loose in the cargo hold at Honolulu International Airport. After searching and searching, no one could find Bogie. That was 19 months ago.

However, here's where the story starts to make its way to a happy ending. According to the report, a cat colony manager named Bill Antilla, who takes care of feral cats around the airport, saw the neutered Siamese cat. He noticed that the animal was affectionate and decided that it must be someone’s pet. So, after months of feeding the animal, he was finally able to catch the cat last week and took it to the vet. Officials at the animal hospital treated the cat and then discovered that it had a microchip that was placed under its skin. They scanned the chip and ta-da...they discovered that it belonged to the Sutherland family!

Calls were made. Bogie was put on a flight to Chicago, where he was transferred to another plane headed to Detroit and the cat was finally reunited with its family! The End.