We Michiganders know just how awesome the Michigan beer scene is... And it just so happens that home brewers across the nation agree on Michigan's awesomeness.

According to MLive, Bell's Brewery and their IPA-style beer, Two Hearted Ale, were voted best in America for the second year in a row. Bell's won best brewery, and Two Hearted takes the cake for best beer; that's according to The Home Brewers Association and the annual poll they put out in their Zymurgy magazine. Readers of the magazine "were asked to share their favorite beers that are commercially available in the United States." Readers really seemed to like Bell's too, because Bell's Hopslam took fourth place for top beer.

Plenty of other Michigan-Made beers and one Michigan brewery made the list of "Top Beers" and "Top Breweries". Check out the full list here.

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