Michigan is crawling with alligators. Which is to say we've had several show up in Michigan this summer. (That's a huge increase over previous summers, so I stand by my statement)

First we had the case of poor Wally, the pet alligator, who was minding his own business on Mt. Hope Road in Lansing when he was struck and killed by a truck. (Hopefully he lives on - line dancing forever as somebody's cool cowboy boots) According to MLive.com, we've had at least five other cases of alligators on the loose in Michigan this summer.

Make that six.

Last Saturday, in Tuscola County, in the Thumb area near Shay Lake, a man collecting minnows from a ditch (I prefer the term "man-made creek", but...) heard a hissing sound. Obviously knowing what a problem gators are in Michigan, this gentleman was packing - so he turned, saw it was a 6-foot alligator lunging at him (no big surprise in Michigan anymore, right?) and shot him dead. It turns out this gator had escaped from his owner's compound 150 yards away.

According to MLive's article, there are 2,000 to 3,000 alligators in Michigan. So, get ready for "Swamp People - Michigan" on History Channel.

By the way, the guy who shot the gator in Tuscola County gets to keep the carcass. Those boots are going to be sweet.


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