We have all dreamed about finding buried treasure or gold, especially as kids. And of course how about all those pirate movies we watched as kids? Well odds are we will never find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we sure can dream can't we?

I always wanted a Geiger Counter as a kid so I could search for buried gold or coins in my neighborhood.  And of course over the years we have seen many folks walking the beaches with one. According to Ultimateunexplained.com, there are several places in Michigan where you can find gold.

They also tell the story of  one of Michigan's treasure legends.

One of the best known Michigan treasure legends got the History Channel treatment in the 'Curse of Civil War Gold.' That legend says gold is lost somewhere in Lake Michigan between Allegan and Muskegon. It was smuggled up from a baggage train accompanying feeling CSA president Jefferson Davis and hidden in Michigan. It was lost in a storm when a railcar carrying the gold was being ferried across the lake to Wisconsin for deposit out west.

So why not if you have some time on your hands with COVID. Take some friends out or family on a treasure hunt here in Michigan.

Do you believe there are buried treasures out there? Ever hear of anyone finding one?

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