Whether you like to grocery shop or not, going to the store has not been a whole lot of fun of late in the Lansing area. Many of our favorite items and brands are MIA on the shelves.

Plus prices seem to really be going up.  This week when I shopped I notices higher prices on bacon, meat and paid almost 7 dollars for 3 honey crisp apples.

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Here is the deal, according to bgr.com and a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of groceries went up 6.5% last year. that’s the largest increase in more than 10 years.

Here Is What We Are Paying More For

Here is a peek at some grocery prices that folks have been seeing rise here and across the country.

  • Eggs, the price of which are up almost 21 percent this year.
  • Ground beef, the price for which rose 13 percent in 2021.
  • Pork. Its price is up 7.5 percent, with bacon as high as its been since 2014 (a nearly 24 percent price jump).
  • Oranges. The only fruit on this list, its price is up almost 10 percent.
  • Boneless chicken, up 13.1 percent.
  • Milk, which saw a price rise of almost 6 percent from 2020-to 2021.
  • And coffee beans, with prices up almost 10 percent last year.

From what I have been reading and seeing on the news the food shortage and high grocery store prices could be around most of this year.

Real Estate In 2022

Also, my pal Brock Fletcher who is a long-time Real Estate agent here in the Lansing area says home prices will probably stay the same through 2022.

Hang in there kids, good days on the way.

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