The 2019 Mackinac Island Stone Skipping Competition will take place on July 4th and this year will be aired worldwide, online, by ESPN 3. Officially known as the "51st Annual W. T. Rabe Stone Skipping Competition on Mackinac Island", 10 pro rock skippers will compete July 4, at 12:30PM, right after the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest from Coney Island. According to, the world record for skips is 88. (My guess? You'll never get THAT many on the water off of Mackinac Island, but I could be wrong. How do they count? Do they use a slow motion camera? I have a lot of questions. Guess I'll have to watch)

There will be amateur and family championships taking place before the pros step up at 12:30. If you're going to be on Mackinac Island tomorrow, you can watch the competition from the Iroquois’ Carriage House Restaurant - right at the southern end of Main Street (see above photo)

Here's the story. Good luck to all the... skippers? Stoners? (Again, I have questions)

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