Mackinac Island - arguably the crown jewel of summer tourism in Michigan, opens up - for real - this weekend. At least, most of it does.

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According to and the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau, many of the hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions open tomorrow (June 12) or in the next several days. Sure, the ferries are running and you can visit now, but a lot of places on the island (the Pink Pony) won't be open until tomorrow. The Island House Hotel (see above) is already open, but many hotels will be opening on the 12th and the Grand Hotel won't open until Sunday, June 21st.

While on Mackinac Island, you will still need to practice "social-distancing" - staying six feet from anyone who didn't give you a birthday present - and you will need to wear a face mask "when in confined public spaces", like anywhere on Main Street. But you've had 10 weeks to practice, so this shouldn't be a big problem.

And - bring your own face mask. Some of the island businesses will give you one if you don't have one, but - seriously? Shepler's Ferry Service is already spending a TON of money on face masks. If the ferry services go out of business because of "face-mask expenses", that's going to be a long canoe ride to get there next summer.

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