First of all - yes, "Star Wars" is just a series of movies highlighting the fight between good and evil. And, while I think we'd all agree that the character of Darth Vader can be compared to some very evil, power hungry real people, (there's an obvious Nazi undertone to the Empire) most of us would agree that Luke Skywalker was a "good guy", fighting for the Rebel Alliance.

Well, hang on to your hat - with the new Star Wars movie coming out this week - a new argument, from, claims Luke Skywalker has all the earmarks of a radicalized terrorist.

I don't buy it. But, Darth Vader? Yes! He's the one that went to the "dark side"! In fact, psychologists have used Darth Vader's character as an example of somebody with Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Here's the story.



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