Update (8/7/22)

Despite his wife's Instagram post to the contrary earlier in the week, country star Luke Bryan is now denying he broke a finger at Cedar Point:

See wife Caroline's original post about the alleged injury here:

Awkward, right?

Our original story, based upon Caroline's post, appears below.


Country star Luke Bryan and his family were at Ohio's famed Cedar Point amusement park Thursday, and according to a Instagram post from his wife Caroline, the day didn't quite go as planned, and things went a little awry.

Another adventure in the books! Luke broke a finger and I twisted another ankle…pretty much a normal day for us!

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No word yet on which finger Luke broke, or how the accident occurred. The injury could potentially affect his ability to play the guitar during performances for awhile, but it is not expected to prevent him from appearing at his 2022 Farm Tour concert at Kubiak Farms in Fowlerville on Saturday, September 17. Rising country stars Riley Green and Jameson Rodgers are also on the schedule to be there, along with the Peach Pickers and DJ Rock.

Luke Bryan and his family were at Cedar Point as part of a 3-day theme park and roller coaster trip to celebrate 12-year-old son Tate's birthday, which is August 11. Luke says Tate is an even bigger thrill seeker than he is. They were particularly looking forward to the Steel Vengeance roller coaster at Cedar Point.

Luke Bryan has always been a roller coaster fan. Back in 2014, he even recorded a song about one:

What about the other rides offered at amusement parks? Luke says that while he still loves roller coasters, at this point in his life he's no longer interested in anything that spin - such as a "Tilt-A Whirl". No point in just making yourself sick.

Luke is no stranger to recreational injuries. He embedded two prongs of a fishing hook deep into his thumb last year while on a fishing trip.

Here's hoping Luke and wife Caroline have a speedy recovery!

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