You ever see the movie, "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith? The opening scene is one of my favorites. Will Smith stars as one of the last non-zombie humans living in New York City. In the movie, 90% of humans in the world have been wiped out by a virus, leaving city streets deserted and reverting back to nature. "Robert", played by Will and his German Shepherd, Sam, are driving around downtown Manhattan in a brand new Mustang. And deer are everywhere.

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If a virus were to wipe out almost everyone, I suppose nature would take over again. And it might happen sooner than you'd think. This morning, on my way to work, I had two deer running along a sidewalk in front of me and it made me think of "I Am Legend".

Then, when I got to work, I saw a story shared by Fox2Now in St. Louis. The story was about deer running through downtown Iron Mountain, Michigan, yesterday morning, just before noon. We've all seen deer running around small towns in Michigan, but given current events, it's an interesting parallel to the movie.

Stay safe. And - wash your hands. That is all.

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