These days we are all looking to save money on everything from clothes, restaurants, and of course food. I really don't take advantage of clubs where you can save big if you buy in bulk because I am single and I don't want anything to go to waste.

If you have a big family though with a big freezer you can save a lot of money at places like Costo, Sams Club, and now coming soon to Lansing, BJ's Wholesale Club.  These places are great if you shop a lot.

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Well, get ready for another way to shop, BJ's Wholesale Club is about to open later this month in Lansing. It will give other stores a run for their money, at 825 North Marketplace Boulevard according to

Many Choices To Save Money In Lansing

I guess they will have many shopping options and ways to save money and a chance for your to shop and compare to other discount outlets.


Members will be able to check out a vast selection of fresh foods and produce, a full-service deli, household essentials, pet supplies, and more. Plus, BJ’s members will also be able to shop for seasonal items, fashion for the family, toys, tech items, and more throughout the year. Learn more about a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership


I am all for plenty of choices in the Lansing area so we can all pick the stores that are right for us.

Save 50% On Restaurants Too

We all like saving money and am always looking for great deals.  Keep in mind too that you can save 50% off dining and carry at some great restaurants with keep calm and carry out. Just another way you can save your family some money in 2022.

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