More than not, you won't have to look too hard to find an abandoned piece of Michigan history. Whether it is an important piece or just a piece of history that is just purely out and about, just collecting dust.

There's a motel based in Saginaw that is collecting dust and graffiti in Saginaw, Michigan. Awaiting some possible explorers.

Abandoned Saginaw, Michigan Motel

Take a look below, at the now rotting corpse of this Michigan motel. The motel was closed a few years back due to many building code violations. Since its abandonment, the building itself does look less safe to venture inside of as well.

As with any property, you should always get permission and use caution when entering any abandoned structure.

Look Inside This Now Abandoned Motel In Saginaw

Take a look inside this abandoned hotel that sits rotting now in Saginaw, Michigan.

Would you venture inside this now abandoned motel?

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