Get ready for that dreaded four-letter "s" word: snow.

According to MLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa, Michigan is likely to see some "colder than average temperatures". Cold enough, in fact that Lansing and all of Michigan could see some lake effect snow towards the end of the week. But, even if we do see some snow, there's a chance that it may not stick around for very long in some places. Yay, silver lining!

Areas around the snowbelt may not see the snow accumulate because of how warm the ground still is. "However, the higher elevations inland could have a few inches of snow." Of course, since this forecast is decently far out and this is Michigan, we could easily see this change before the end of the week (if it does change, it will likely still be pretty cold, per MLive meteorologist). To get more information on this extended forecast, click here.

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