The Lansing Lugnuts always have some fun promotional nights at Cooley Law School Stadium. One of the fun nights they have planned this summer is happening on Saturday, July 20th for their Tribute to Burt Reynolds night. For the special night, the Lansing Lugnuts will have special team jerseys, a bobblehead giveaway, fireworks and more. Something the Lugnuts would also like to do that night, is to have the car from Smokey and the Bandit on display. See the Facebook post below from Tyler Parsons, the General Manager of the Lansing Lugnuts. Please call Tyler at 517-827-2581 if you have any information about the car!

**Fun fact about the jerseys that night...the special player jerseys will be auctioned off after the game, online and at the stadium and all earnings from the sale of the special jerseys will be donated to support a local theater in our community.

Click here to get your tickets for the special Tribute to Burt Reynolds night with the Lansing Lugnuts.

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