Scattered snow showers will be hitting the Lansing area today. (That's what it does this time of year.) Will we need a shovel? No. Will we be able to build a snowman? (Now I have that darn song in my head.) Well, no. Will the roads be slippery later today? Probably.

According to the National Weather Service, the Lansing area will most likely see an inch (maybe two) of snow today and tonight. (Just enough to make the roads a little slippery.) Also, keep in mind that more snow showers are in the forecast for Friday morning, so roads could be a little slippery on your way to work or school on Friday morning, too.

But wait...there's more...the National Weather Service also says that we could see some more snow on Saturday. They aren't giving any specific amounts (yet) for Saturday. Click here to find out more.


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