Mark your calendars!

According to the Lansing State Journal, Costco will officially open at 8 am on Friday, October 28th! After approval late last year, the long anticipated wholesaler is finally opening its doors at 5800 Park Lake Road, East Lansing.

In addition to the store itself, Costco will also feature a tire center and a 24 pump gas station. Costco basically has you covered with everything. I mean it... they sell everything from food to diapers, even caskets, and everything in between. You want to book a vacation to England? They've got you covered. Need a new eye glass prescription? They can hook you up there too. Just make sure that you get your membership! You can even get your membership now before the doors open. Just head to one of the many tents Costco has set up throughout the area to get signed up. Memberships start at $60. Get more info about the new store and to find locations to get signed up, click here

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