Last Friday, way up in the Northwest Territories of Canada, a lady looking for morel mushrooms encountered a wolf - who stalked her and her dog for 12 hours, until she pulled a brilliant move that not only saved her, but would've made even Hollywood jealous.

According to CBC News, Joanne Barnaby was out hunting mushrooms with her friend Tammy Cauldron and Joanne's dog Joey. Joanne and Tammy got separated and after filling her bucket with mushrooms, Joanne headed for her truck. That's when her path got blocked by "a long, tall, very, very skinny wolf". Joey, the dog, charged the wolf but he didn't budge. In fact, as Joanne backed away and tried to find a way back to her truck, the wolf followed, keeping her from getting anywhere near the truck.

This went on for 12 hours.

Finally, at 4:30 the next morning, Joanne heard a mother bear and cub, that had been separated, calling for each other. A mother black bear protecting a cub is a dangerous animal. So, Joanne started walking toward the cub.


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