This weekend, you may be dining on a glazed, spiral ham. You may find yourself wondering, "what genius figured out how to cut and glaze a ham like this?" Thanks to me - you'll know before you even sit down. The answer, according to - some guy from Michigan.

So, when the conversation at the table falls into an uncomfortable silence, clear your throat and announce, "I'd like to thank Detroit's own Harry J. Hoenselaar for coming up with the "spiral ham slicer" in 1952." After the initial shocked agreement, hit them with this fact: Not only did Harry invent the slicer, but he developed the original recipe for the glaze AND founded HoneyBaked hams, in 1957. He applied for the patent for the slicer in 1944, but it took 8 years for the U.S. government to grant the patent.

By this time their mouths will be open - aghast at the information they're hearing for the very first time. This would be a good time to address the table with the following line:

"Harry's spiral ham slicer just proves - never give up on your dreams."

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