If you love being scared; if you enjoy horror movies and stories in more than just the Halloween season, then this museum is just for you.

Michigan's First Year-Round Horror Museum Opening Soon

Michigan is getting its first-ever year-round horror museum thanks to native Michigander, Nate Thompson.

Nate Thompson is originally from Monroe, Michigan, and he's going back to his roots because that's where he's going to be setting up his spooky museum. The museum will be filled with all kinds of artifacts and specimens. Thompson told MLive that we'll be able to see items ranging from "real skulls, funeral items, wet specimens, horror art, fortune telling" and more.

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If you're like me and had a guess as to what a "wet specimen" was but wanted to be sure, let me save you the trouble of Google-ing it yourself...it's jars filled with some kind of biological tissue being kept in some kind of preserving liquid. I would suggest not looking that up for yourself if you are a bit squeamish. But if you are squeamish, this museum might not be for you.

The idea of looking at wet specimen jars doesn't bother me so much as the idea of a different exhibit Thompson plans to open in the museum; a History of Dolls Exhibit, dating back to the 1800s. I don't like dolls. They are super creepy, in my opinion.

Other than the aspect of the dolls, I'm really looking forward to checking this place out, as Thompson will surely do it justice. He's a horror person through and through. Not only will The Michigan Museum of Horror be open by Halloween this year, but Thompson has another scary project under his belt, too. He recently purchased the Old West Stagecoach Stop in Irish Hills, Michigan and he plans to turn it into "a year-round town of horrors" by next year. That, and he's also directed horror films, "The Dead Record", "Cult Affairs" and "The Cult Leader".

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