My grandfather was an associate ag professor at Michigan State, my wife graduated from there and my youngest daughter will be a senior there this fall - so we're all about MSU at my house. But, I have to say, I've turned into a big fan of Michigan's new head football coach Jim Harbaugh.

The guy hasn't coached a down for them yet, but he's impressed me so far with his response to (some) Michigan students calling for a boycott of the movie "American Sniper" and yesterday he showed a lot of respect for Michigan State when he said,  "They have done a tremendous job. We respect the job they've done, but we want to be that." According to the Detroit Free Press, he was in Detroit yesterday to address Detroit area high school football coaches, when he addressed the fact that State's been playing at a higher level.

The Michigan - Michigan State game is October 17th. I'm still hoping the Spartans crush them and I may not feel so warm and fuzzy toward Coach Harbaugh that day, but....

Here's the story.


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