Jerrod Niemann's 'Buzz Back Girl' video is just as fun as the single. The clip finds the singer getting his buzz on, but not just from a few drinks.

Overturned shot glasses and empty beer glasses open the video, but it's not long before we get a peek at the sexy vixen, shown in the shadows with a beer projection over her. Niemann then emerges with his guitar in hand, singing in dim lights while the 'Buzz Back Girl' dances in between too-large glasses of beer.

But Niemann doesn't have just one leading lady in his 'Buzz Back Girl' video -- he has several who help him stay a little tipsy.

Naturally, Niemann is the lone man among many different women, all supporting on the different instruments. From playing the guitar to the drums, the women in the video are just as talented as they are beautiful. The singer's face projects onto the instruments while they strum away.

Niemann sings about how the girl -- or girls, in this case -- have helped him get his "buzz back" after waking up with a hangover. They have him feeling like "he's been drinking since early in the morning," and we can see why.

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