A rather well-known Michigan gas station is vanishing from the state very soon!

Have you heard of Holiday gas stations and convenience stores?

If you haven't, no worries! The Holiday brand will be leaving forever.

Where Are The Holiday Gas Stations in Michigan Going?

Well, technically they are not going anywhere.

It is giving a rebrand!


In 2017, the Holiday brand was bought by a Canadian company that also owns Circle K.

With more than 500 Holiday gas stations bought by the company, their original plan was to keep the same name for the locations.

However, that seems to be changing.

Holiday stores will be rebranding and changing their name to Circle K!

The head of global communications Chris Barnes shared that change will be a positive thing for the brand.

“We have been converting Holiday stores in certain areas to the global Circle K brand, taking a deliberate market-by-market approach. We’ve completed these conversions in select markets in several other states over the past two years, and work is now underway in Rochester."

It is happening everywhere like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and now the state of Michigan.

In November of 2023, people in the Upper Peninsula started noticing changes.

Upper Michigan Source discovered that two new companies were coming to the U.P.

GasBuddy analyst, Patrick De Haan shared with TV 6 that a lot of expansions have been coming to Michigan, especially the U.P.

“We’ve seen a lot of expansions, a lot of new chains coming into Northern Michigan, Kwik Trip being one of them, a company based in Wisconsin. We’ve seen a lot of other activity in the lower part of Michigan as well. A lot of these stations, a lot of these bigger companies have certainly evolved in the last five to 10 years. There’s a lot more fresh market offerings. People actually want to go inside of a C-Store.”

Where Are The Holiday Gas Stations In Michigan?

As the Holiday gas stations start their rebrand, there are only a few locations left.

  • Traverse City -  2600 W South Airport Rd, Traverse City, MI 49684
  • Wetmore - 9721 M-28, Wetmore, MI 49895
  • Newberry - 7502 M-123, Newberry, MI 49868
Google Maps
Google Maps

However, the Circle K brand is quite well-known in Michigan.

So say goodbye to Holiday and hello Circle K!

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