A grandmother from Michigan has been arrested and is being held at Genesee County Jail for allegedly helping her granddaughter assault another student at a Mt. Morris Township elementary school..

According to WNEM, the grandmother was with her granddaughter at McMonagle Elementary on Thursday, April 18th, 2024 for a behavioral meeting.

Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Michael Veach said the woman spotted a girl that her granddaughter was having trouble with, and the pair followed the girl into the restroom.

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That is when (and where) the grandmother allegedly held the child down while her grandaughter punched her.

The school did issue a statement that included the following,

On Thursday, April 18 an unfortunate incident transpired at McMonagle Elementary School involving a grandparent of a student who managed to circumvent security protocols and gain unauthorized access to the school premises.

The Mt. Morris Township Police Department immediately investigated this incident. It is crucial to emphasize that no other children in the school were involved or harmed during this incident.

It seems odd that the statement claims the grandmother managed to 'circumvent security' since reports indicate the grandmother was there for a behavioral meeting.

The gangster grandma's name has not yet been released. We will keep you updated as more information is made public.

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