What is the biggest city in Northern Michigan? The answer is Traverse City. It's the largest city in the 21 county Northern Michigan region.
Back in 2020, the population of Traverse City was around 15,000. In the Traverse City micropolitan area, the population registered at over 150,000 people.
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Traverse City is such a beautiful area of the state, and everyone I know absolutely loves it there.
What makes Traverse City so special?  According to oneupweb.com:
Traverse City has been named on countless lists as an excellent place to visit, work, and explore. We’ve been named as one of the best Midwest ski towns, one of the best beach towns to live in, and one of the most charming Main Streets in America.
There are so many wonderful sights to see in Traverse City. One of those sights is called Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa. This place is just incredible.
According to oneupweb.com:
Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa has become the Midwest’s top ski resort and a sizable employer as well. For families who love year-round recreation at a world-class resort, Crystal Mountain’s recreation programs, hospitality and dining services, and other roles make for an exciting job opportunity for those who love being outside.
I've been to Traverse City so many times because I love it there. Traverse City is loaded with world class restaurants and some of the best beaches around.
I know several people who have retired and moved to Traverse City because it's the perfect city in northern Michigan to do so.

And by the way, if you enjoy wineries, Traverse City can help you out with that quest as well. Whether you live there or are looking to retire sometime down the road, Traverse City would be a great choice.

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