It’s no surprise that a state that has always been known to work hard and put in the ingenuity to steadily put out innovative inventions like the automobile has officially been announced as the most overworked state in the entire country. There are hard-working jobs wherever you go.

One thing is for sure Michigan workers are constantly putting in extra effort and more hours than people, in other states, and most likely not getting paid for what they deserve either. A recent study that was done by QR Code Generator, looked at employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and found that Michigan is the most nose to the Grindstone state in the country.

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In first place is Michigan, with residents working a massive 1,866.8 hours annually on average. Michiganders were found to work almost 10% more (8.05%) than the national average, with the average American working 1,728 hours per year. That’s 139.15 hours, or nearly six full additional days spent working per year. Compared to ten years ago, residents of Michigan are putting in more hours at work, averaging an additional 57.2 hours annually compared to 2015.


Why Do Michiganders Work So Hard?

Honestly, it kind of comes with the territory. I know so many Michiganders who are on the grind, and it seems the numbers are there to back it all up. Between auto workers, factory workers, restaurants, and small businesses, everyone in the state has that urge to work hard and play hard.

Let's just hope all that extra hard work is coming with extra pay...

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